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BIO230 Lecture 10 and 11 1053-1055 The Cell Cycle  The only way to make a new cell is to duplicate  Cell cycle: essential mechanism to determine how a cell grows  Cell cycle control system is important to reduce damage done to the cell  Duplication of the genome is important Overview of the Cell Cycle  There are 4 phases The Eukaryotic Cell cycle is Divided into 4 phases  The basic function of the cell  Duplicate the amount of DNA  Chromosome duplication occurs in s phase (Synthesis of DNA)  M phase (mitosis): involves nuclear division and cytoplasmic division  Prophase two DNA strands are distangled together into rods called sister chromatids  G1 phase inbetween M and S phase  G2 phase inbetween S and M phase  G1 is the start point 1060-1066 The Cell Cycle Control System Triggers the Major Event of Cell Cycle  Cell cycle controls can detect errors and delay the cell cycle  There are check points  Start checkpoint: before S phase ensure environment is favorable  G2/M checkpoint: environment is favorable and DNA is all replicated  Metaphase to Anaphase: chromosomes are attached properly to spindles The Cell Cycle Control System Depends on Cyclically Activated Cyclin-Dependent Protein Kinases (CDK)  CDK are involved within cell control  Cdk require cyclin to function properly  G1S cyclin: activates Cdk in the late G1 cycle  S-cyclin: binds to Cdk after the start cycle  M-cyclin: activates cdks before mitosis begins  Cdk needs to be phosphorylated to function properly Inhibitory Phosphorylation and Cdk Inhibitory Proteins (CKIs) Can Suppress Cdk Activity  Wee1 can inhibit activity by adding an i
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