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Lecture 3

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CLA204 Lecture 3 May 20 Panhellenic all Greek, pervasively Greek Z Z ZZthens or Sparta. They were never a unified geographic entity until the 130s BC. Greece was never really Greece until then, it was just a series of city states that recognized that they had a common heritage and spoke a common language. N Hesiod collected the traditional folktales and put them together and gave them a geneology N ZZ N All literature influenced other literature. The writers want to show the reader that they have read everything N Mnemostheny means memory memory is important in the ancient world ZZZ Z would have to write on very expensive materials. They had to memorize poems. They would memorize Homer! There were no libraries until the Hellenistic age N From dark age > archaic age. Lines of communication all of a sudden open, Phoenicians are travelling around (probably how the alphabet came to the greeks) N The texts have been copied millions of times so that leaves a million chances for changes to the texts. There are different interpretations. The Olympians N Zeus is called Jupiter N Hera called juno N Poseidon called Neptune N Demeter N Hestia or Dionysus N Aphrodite N Apollo N Artemis N Hephaestus N Hermes N Ares N Athena N Hades is not considered one because he lives underneath the earth N Organization of the Olympians into a society that reflects that of the humans Homer and Hesiod made this happen N The gods drink nectar and eat ambrosia
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