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Cognitive Science
John Vervaeke

Introduction to Cognitive Science: September 10 th What is Cognitive Science?  It’s a general term to describe the sciences that study cognition  Split into 3 divisions (Psychology, Philosophy and Neuroscience) (Generic Nominalism)  Cognition is those a set of processes by which humans beings take in information, store and transform information, and then apply that information in their behaviour  Psychology comes into play as it is the part which studies the behaviour  Neuroscience comes into play as it it the part which studies the brain  You cannot use one discipline to study cognition  The behaviour(Psychology) he practices will actually have an effect on his brain (Neuroscience) Generic Nominalism:  A generic term to group together the different strands of cogsci Interdisciplinary eclecticism:  A cognitive scientist collects insights from the different strands to develop a better understanding  Give and share ideas, show respect  The problem with this is that it’s unstable because of the lack of significance and it will dissolve into generic novelism  If the different strands begin to change to quickly or rapidly it must be managed Synoptic Integration:  Cognitive science is trying to integrate what all the strands are saying about cognition, a very difficult task  Cognitive scientist is going create plausible theoretical constructs  Cognitive science is more focused on creating their own lines of interest rather completing the lines  Plausible in terms of cognitive science is reasonable and or promising in general just to make good sense  Something seems more plausible when it has more then one information channel due to eliminating the factor of bias or subjectivity as it will allow the trustworthiness to increase  The more conversions the more it can be trust worthy, for example numbers have many conversions which allow us to trust numbers (Statisitcs give us proof to prove a certain statement or question, we believe ins stats because it has many conversions)  The right level of description for it to be abstract enough for the metaphor to be successful  Information means a difference to make a difference  Sam is a pig has the right level of description to allow the construct to work  Bees are hornets does not have the right level of description as the literal meaning over shadows the metaphorical meaning as it is too similarly categor
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