Images, Symbols, Robert Frost

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Published on 24 May 2011
ENG201Y1Y (Summer) – Reading Poetry – May 16
, 2011
Lecture # 1
Robert Frost's The Pasture:
simple poem, introduces the pastoral
the couplets set up an expectation; closure and neatness because of the rhyme
rhyme knits the lines together
images in t his poem: 'pasture spring', 'rake', 'leaves', 'water clear', 'little calf', 'mother', 'licks',
I shan't be gone long. - You come too. insistent
What is an Image?
verbal representation (word) of an experience of the senses (ex. 'green', 'tree')
opposed to philosophical, abstract thought and science
universal quality; we have associations with these images
complexity of associations make images rich
these associations change over time
today 'green' car r ies environmental associations, but there are also personal associations
images are invitational; unlimited associations, whereas philosophy and science limit it
this is why poetry can be re-read in different ways every time
need to take your time while reading it so connections can be made
poetic movement in the 1910s and 1920s
created a way of understanding poetry through image alone
got rid of narrative (epic, romance, etc)
doesn't really have chronology
extreme for m of poetry
gets rid of ideas, argument, philosophy
What is a Symbol?
an image, plus more
going into a larger terr itory
imaginative scope that you bring to the image allows you to go beyond it
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