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Lecture 7
- Borrower Bb!
Ulysses rewriting of Odyssey
oEngineer Bb!
- Pgs. 280-281
oColumbian Expedition
oTop left-cursive handwriting
oSeems to be James but also a 3rd person
Talks about expedition
Red-haired girl
Peaches – insignificant? Or part of exposition?
Other side of room re-haired girl’s face again
“I thought I saw her?...” reality vs. dream
James is wearing a night-dress
oImagination dream-like; reverie
Red-haired girl – uncertainty of seeing her
oSymmetrical – perfectly symmetrical? – not really
Reflects small changes of memory
Memory is never actually symmetrical
oImperfect symmetry = imperfect memory
- Chris Ware (interview – Bb!!)
- Tensions between word and image in the mappings (pages)
oPg. 117
Jimmy doesn’t know how to answer his father so he scrunches
back into a kid
“Red” – anxiety, panic, anger, embarrassment, awareness
Speech outside of panels (not in speech bubbles)
Saying things under his breath
- Graphic punctuation
oPage. 336
Thus, though, but, plus, etc…
Looks like a cross cross of fantasy
Cursive handwriting
- Page 149
oGraphic punctuation – MEANWHILE
M” is not in the middle of the alphabet (13th of 26)
“in the middle” is NOT in the middle
oCursive continues
oHouse juxtaposed to Exposition
o“Ocean” – Lake looks like “ocean” to kid
o“To the Ocean” is on horizon of the lake horizon itself
oJames loses his mother in childbirth
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