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Lecture 2

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University of Toronto St. George
A Maurice

 Hitchcock was very much about planning and making storyboards before any movie  he was a lot about control and planning before starting any action  McGuffin  secrets that spies after, which seem to be of vital importance to the characters, but of no importance to Hitchcock  a Hitchcock definition The Shape of the Frame  aspect ratio  the width-to-height ratio of the film frame as it appears on a movie screen or monitor  academy ratio – 1.33:1  used mainly up to the 50s; same as 4 × 3 or 16 × 9  widescreen ratio – 1.85:1 or higher o introduced in 50s, in part to compete with television (N by NW – ―Vistavision‖) o can be done with  anamorphic lens  masks  covering up areas not wanting to show The Shot  one continuous camera take (can be moving, but cannot ―cut‖ or ―edit‖ to another shot/view)  attributes of the shot: framing, depth of field (focus), colour, and movement  also: duration Framing or Composition  distance (shot scale)  how far away the camera is from the subject o long shot o medium long shot (or ―American shot‖) o medium shot o medium close up o close up o extreme close up Mobile or Static Frame  mobile framing o pan: left or right rotation of camera, tripod remains fixed o tilt: upward or downward rotation, tripod fixed o dolly or tracking shot: camera moved on a dolly across the floor, often along tracks o crane: shot taken
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