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Bread - Michael Crummey

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Sarah Caskey

Monday, May 14, 2012  Aristotle - MAGNITUDE  Edgar Allen Poe o Originator of short story theorization o “The pro’s tale”: a narrative which can be narrated in one sitting, from 30 mins to 2 hours, and is limited to a certain unique/single effect to which every detail is subordinate  Because of the story’s shortness, the story is limited to a few characters, ideas, and short plot  A story must have ONE vivid scene  Expansiveness, depth, ambiguity, texture, ambiguity  The development of the Canadian short story have been outside  Landscape and environment changes the story  The question of identity underlies every story we encounter  Authors use different techniques and devices to convey meaning in stories  Try to become aware of basic elements o P.O.V./Who’s telling the story o Setting – clear, urban setting, country, etc o Images/symbols/motifs o Language/diction o Tone – sarcastic, doubleness (explicit/implied) o Beginnings/middles/conclusions o General narrative structure BREAD by Michael Crummey  Just over 300 words, very very short, single page  Anonymity  “LAST of that bag of flour” “he said FINALLY” –
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