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CONCEPTS: Key Study Points and Questions: Lecture 1: 1) Definitions of and differences between the terms: urban, city, and urbanization 2) What are urban characteristics? 3) Reasons for increasing urbanization? 4) Global city characteristics. 5) Environmental impacts of increasing urbanization 6) Definition and relevance of peak oil theory. 7) Definition and relevance of ecological footprint concept – tutorial assignment #1. Lecture 2: 1) 2 dominant urban processes of 20 century: a. Urban Renewal: re-making the central city b. Suburbanization: residential expansion outside of the central city. c. Separation of land uses – emergence of policy and planning. th 2) Evolution of urban theory – 20 century: Cities as organic entities. 3) Urbanism as a way of life. 4) Organic city neighbourhoods. 1) An Urbanizing World: The Role and Importance of Cities a. Urbanization and Cities b. Global Cities c. Environmental Impacts of Increasing Urbanization: Urbanization and Peak Oil 2) Historical Patterns of Urbanization: Social and Ecological Environments of Cities Part I: Patterns of Urbanization Part II: Thinking about Cities 3) Urban Diversity and Representation a. Modernism and Post-modernism b. Transnationalism and Diaspora c. Urban Representations 4) Sustainable urban landscapes: planning and design a. Sustainable Cities Idea b. International Debates about sustainable cities c. Key urban form values d. Major programs to bring these into practice e. Toronto examples 5) Urban Political Ecology a. Is the natural environment an important part of cities? b. What is defined as ‘natural’ in cities? c. Are cities natural places? d. Why is the sustainable city a popular in public policy and planning agenda? DEFINITIONS • Urban: the characteristics attributed to a physical space (city) • City: a physical space with urban characteristics • Urbanization: the p
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