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Lecture 11

GGR252 Lecture 11

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Stephen Swales

March 25 2014 GGR252 Lecture 11 Theme of concentration o Concentration in demand will result in a similar concentration in supply o There are a lot of retailers but only a relatively small number of big companies command most of the businessMost retailers are independents eg onefamily storeMost business is in the hands of big retail chainsRetail supply o The major actorsPrivate IndependentsRetail chainsfranchisesShopping centre developers o Closely associated with retail chains o Shopping malls controlled predictable and uniform environments are dominated by retail chainso Few independents in shopping malls to add uncertaintyo Retail strips are sometimes BIA areasSome level of planning and controlDominated by independent stores that make their own decisions which may create a common identity if it is coordinated through a BIA organization Stakeholders Banks and insurance companies o Especially for big developmentsPublic Government agencies o Impact what we consume and where we consume itPlanners o Planning permission and debate around a development proposal o The diversity if retail classifications and retail structureA simple classification system small number of classesgroups maximize within group similarities and minimize between group differencesRetail strips o Most visible streets in central areas of towns Shopping mall developmentsAncillary retailingo Land use that is not predominantly built for retailing but retailing takes place because there is a captive marketPower nodeso Retail concentration in response to the characteristics of the marketEg 15 of the 33 CMAs are mostly in Southern OntarioThe geographic distributioncluster of market is a theme of concentrationThere are other variables that work against the concentration eg size physical geography cultural geography Vast majority of the populationDisproportionately wealthy eg large share of the income
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