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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Curtis Forbes

Jan 18 lecture notes N Scientific revolution, many historians are skeptical as to evaluate that time as what was going on N Kuhn o Realist about revolutions o Claims there have been lots of revolutions in the history of science o Sees the concept of revolutions N Bowler and morus and shapin o Skeptics about the scientific revolution o @ZZL}Z ]L;2:ZZ]L }KKL2 o the--- uniqueness, happened only once o Scientific--- the scientific method, unified N There is no way to divide easily the non and real scientific o Revolution----- fast and bounded, time span needs to be quick and dated at a point, get this from the image of political revolutions N Intellectual authority in the 16th and 17th centuries o Philosophy is number one and is predominant o Natural philosophy came second and then math almost completely divorced and was third, astronomy was a marriage of the two came fourth N Physics was very qualitative not a quantitative and mathematics was explicitly not a tool N Copernicus o Created a heliocentric astronomical way o (tractable eas
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