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Lecture 2

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Lecture 2: Wednesday September 28 , 2011h  Study and find out where the Mediterranean Sea is Last Week  Reflected on History and Africa o Africa is a concept but as a continent it is vast with a varied but rich history and ethnic diversity o History as a sum total of everything that has happened in the past o History as an account of the past, which ends up in articles, books, etc.  All historical accounts have an element of subjectivity  All historical accounts showcase an event as it might have happened o It is not only individual but also a personalized version of events o The historian is a factor in how history is told African History and Historians African Historiography – Can be looked at from three main periods th  Pre-15 century o The writing of history goes back to the origins of history itself o North Africa appears in the writings of countries that border the Mediterranean Sea as well as Islamic countries o Many Europeans searching to expand their world and ended up interacting with Africans causing them to be included in European histories. o The source of the Nile becomes very important because it becomes evident that whoever controls the sources of the Nile controls Egypt and whoever controls Egypt controls the main powers of Africa o Ethiopia was one of the world’s lstgest traditional cultures – chronicles produced as far back as the 1 century  Chronicles of wars in that area as well as African history as both a th prothss and discipline.  15 century – 19 century o By the 17 century, West Africans provided their own histories o In the 18 century there were chronicles written in modern day Ghana th o The 18 century was the main period of European expansion  Transforms the African continent into what it became today  19 century onwards th o Racist spell over African history in the 20 century eliminating Egypt and Arabic countries from what is essentially considered Africa o By the end of the 19 century much of the African traditions had been distinguished  Imperialistic tradition – looks at African history from an imperialist perspective  Nationalist tr
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