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Lecture 6

HIS280Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Feng Menglong, Water Margin, Counter-Reformation

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Paul Thompson

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- Newcomers: the Jesuits
- Jesuits: priests, they want to spread catholic religion
- “ sock-troops of the counter-reformation” catholic priest missionaries who spread
their religion around the world
- catholic church decided to form Jesuits as the counter-reformation to bring back the
religion in europe and other part of the world
- far east is oen of the target
- Li Zhi was a fan of the Jesuits
- Matteo Ricci 1552 - 1610
- Li Zhi was a fan of him and wrote good reviews
- he studies Chinese
- a jesuits that operated in Beijing
- he dress himself as Ming scholars because he want people to convert into Catholic
and tried to convert the emperor to become Catholic
- Mathematician, Astronomy -> Catholic church wanted to convert China into
- Ricci held different thinking and practices -> translate God? Enforce
commandments ?
- offer food for ancestors [ chinese cultre]
- Ricci said not to worry about it
- it is not interfering with Catholic religion
- translate god into Tianzhu “Lord of Heaven” in Chinese
- Very origin to Chinese culture for the Tian
- Converted high position officials ->
- he created first european style of Map of the world in Chinese
- first map in Chinese that included America
- Not public distribution -> the Imperial do not want people to see it
- Map of 10,000 countries of earth
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