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Kenneth Bartlett

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Darwinism and Social Darwinism
Louis Pasteur (1822-95)
Jean de Lamarck (d. 1829)
Charles Darwin (1809-82)
Erasmus Darwin (1731-1802)
-Development of working class movement, unionism, etc
-Political movements that challenge the basic position of the middle class
-Targeted the comfortable position of middle class
-Another challenge from the roots of the middle class ideology, science
-Charles Darwin and the Origin of Species
-Cartesian and post- Cartesian world, same with Darwin
-Darwin represents conclusion of the process that began a millennia ago
-Role of science clear in the minds of Europeans, going back to Descartes, Galileo, etc
-19th scientists proposed a new theory of what it is to be human
-Science and technology opened up a new world
-New means of through
-Replicable evidence
-Science reflected the European mind, education, etc
-Science created into every corned of European mentality, defined the Western mind
-Science was progress since the industrial revolution
-To reject science is to fly in the face of the most dominant ideology
-Everything that made Europeans, Europeans in the 19th C was due to science and progress
-Darwin cause traditional thinkers of Europe discomfort
-Everyone believed that the mud of the river Nile could spontaneously generate plants and animals
-Spontaneous generation was common knowledge
-People relied on magic, performance of certain rituals for certain things to happen
-If you continues to believe ideas that were disproved by science meant that you could jeopardize the
well being of the society
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