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Christianity, Commerce, and the Development of New France

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HIS263YChristianity, Commerce, Tuesday September 28th 2010
and the Development of New France
Christianity and Commerce
Protestant Reformation
Conflict between the Catholics and Protestants
For much of the 16th century, there was a sizable Protestant minority within France
called the Huguenots
This rivalry would have important implications for the development of the French
colonial presence in the Americas
Catalyst for the conflict: the selling of Indulgences
In response, the Catholic Church launches a Counter-Reformation, trying to cleanse
and reform the Church
Two institutions flow out of this Counter-Reformation spirit:
These would both be deployed to New France to promote the spread of Christianity
in the New World
Christianity and commerce become tightly intertwined in the New World
Certain aboriginals had developed a certain reliance on European manufactured
French colonial authorities insisted that if aboriginal groups wanted to continue to
gain access to these goods, they would need to accept Christian missionaries into
their midst
Reputation as fierce missionaries
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