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Lecture 19

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University of Toronto St. George
Heidi Bohaker

Lecture 19 November 22 201120 the Road to Confederation What is confederation It brings distinct political bodies togetherdoesnt necessarily create a hierarchyThe idea of Confederation not a new one There was similar confederacies among first nations people confederacy of the Iroquois political union where there is some power sharingThe reason you make a confederacy is to deal with external problemsyou want to maintain local sovereignty local control local autonomyConfederation might be your answerit becomes an idea when it is talked about in Canada in the 1850s and realized in 1867 6 territories come together to form CanadaLower CanadaUpper Canadatogether made the colonies of The Canadas Trading territory of the Hudson bays companyin 18673 colonies the Canadas New Brunswick and Nova Scotia come together to make 3 provinces3 become 4 The Canadas break apart and become Canada and the Ontarios and Quebec in confederation1870 MANITOBA JOINGS 1871 BC Joins PEI 1873Newfoundland Intense Debatesbecame proving in 1949 this gives us a sense of the set of pos
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