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Lecture 6

Lecture 6: African- Americans: Fugitive Slaves and Free Blacks

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Ian Radforth

Lecture 6: African- Americans: Fugitive Slaves and Free Blacks -freedom seekers: -Nova Scotia -the Refugee Movement, 1813-1816 -Upper Canada -the pull of the North Star -migration experiences: the Underground Railroad -impact of the US Fugitive Slave Law -settlements -reception -communities -schooling -came for their freedom, as they crossed the border became official Brit subjects, as no legal racial distinctions -but encountered racism, prejudice in Canada -though law colorblind, the social system definitely was not -the Refugee Movement, Sept. 1813-1816, to Nova Scotia -duringafter the War of 1812 -had fled their slave owners, had been reassured by Brits if they fled to them and supported them, they would be assured their freedomrights after the war -just like during the American Revolution in 1776, to weaken the enemy -first brought to the port of Halifax, promise to assure their freedom and a future -initially in refugee camps nearby, by the wars end in 1814, there were about 2000 -were welcomed, esp. for labour, esp. for Halifax as a naval base -easily found good wages -but by 1815, as more came in, grimmer prospects, as the war economy went away -ppl preferred to hire whites for the fewer jobs -asked for land, authorities
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