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Feb 2part 2 C3b can be associate with C4b2ain this configuration this is now comlex that has capaicity to activate compleement component five or c5 When activated by alternative pathway C3bBBform C3b2bB also C5 convertase Activates C5 another serume proteinthrough proteolytic degradation event where C5 being cleaved to small soluble component C5a and C5a is very effective very high activity inducer of inflammtory reactios and C5b which in turn binds to surface of target cellshave key event in complement cascade which is cascade of c5 to form c5a and c5b One of the functions of complement is to facilitate the opsonization of pathogens by macrophages Macrophages have surface receptors that recognize complement componentsone is receptor for c3bwhen only c3b binds to its receptor cr1no phagocytosis of bacteriaphagocytosis requires extra signal provided by c5ac5a can activate macrophages to phagocytose bacterit athat express c3b o nsurface which is recognized by cr1 receptorphagocyosis requires not simply the presence of ocmplementbut also an activating event that is caused bythe soluble product c5aproduced in local env by activation of c5Very constant theme throughout the complement pathwayAlso
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