Lecture 7

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Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
Katja Goebs

LECTURE 7October 5 2009 7 Kingship71 Divine KingshipBirth of the Divine RulerFully attested from Hatshepsut onwards explains how queenking literally conceived by AmunRe masquerading as ruling pharaoh and the human mother of the kingIn later periods New Kingdom onwards popular cults aroseactual worship of statues of the kingNotable examples Amenhotep I and II Rameses IIthese cults first evolved outside of Egypt Nubia and then moved to thecountry itself Ruler by Gods GracePharaohlink between humans and GodHad to maintain Maat 1 Cosmic Order manifestation of the Sun God 2 Justice Righteousness3 Connect Structure of Life including social solidarity and responsible governingMaatGodgivenpersonified as daughter of sun god BUT had to be actively pursuedOne of the foremost concerns keep enemies of Egypt chaosisfet at bayLater periodsking offers figure of Maat to Godslive on Maatmay also offer his own name especially if it contains the element maatexample Seti I men maat ReThe Maat of Re endures King NOT shown as individual but genericking guaranteeing stability of cosmos although some portraitlike features in art Kings and GodsPlaced on earth by Gods to maintain Maat and defeat Isfet cf The King as Sun priest NK Treatise means Maat under threat any time a king diedeach ruler had refounded order involved reunification of the Two LandsWithin Statues TheologyKingson of and chief of Sun god Re later AmunReProtected by GodsEmbodiment of divine power on earthStatus acquired upon accession to the throne Although many would claim status already in the eggbefore birth
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