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University of Toronto St. George
Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
M.A.Pouls- Wegner

February 7 , 2012 th 18 Dynasty - Mummy of Amenhotep I  Originally buried in Drah abu el-Nag’a  Found at Deir el-Bahari cache  Moved in 21 Dynasty, placed in new coffin  Age at death: late 40s  New coffin and ritual for the new reburial - Foreign relations in the reign of Hatshepsut  Many scholars characterized her reign as peaceful, isolated, conservative  Text that describes her military campaign to Nubia  Redford thinks she probably actually led the campaign  Thutmose III was acting as a general under her reign  Redford counts at least 4 military campaigns - Thutmose III  Karnak inscription recounts story of his accession: Was a young acolyte in temple, father Thutmose II was making offerings to Amun-Re, Amun-Re (image) in procession recognized Thutmose III, raised him up and placed him in the position of kingship, presented with titular  After he assumed sole rulership of Egypt, he began counting regnal dates from Thutmose II’s death  Married to Neferure (died young)  Principle queen was Hatshepsut-Meryre  Diplomatic marriages with Syro-Palestine and Levant, foreign princesses resided in court, Egyptian princesses however did not marry foreign kings  Foreign princes brought to Egypt to be educated  Holding them hostage in a way  Breed a generation of rulers that favoured Egypt more  Known as the Napoleon of Egypt  Annals (Karnak temple at Thebes): record his 17 military campaigns  Royal archivist, Army commander: Tjanuny  Amun-re seen as force behind the kinggave lavish quests to the estates of Amun-Re  Megiddo (city was fortified): head of an overland trade route into the east, became rebellious to Egyptian control, so Thutmose III carried a military campaign against them; took a siege of 7 months to finally conquered Megiddo, annals say 360 cities fell to Egyptian control  South campaigns also described as punitive  Built a lot of temples  Re-cleared a canal that was dug out in the Middle Kingdom  Also carried out extensive building programs throughout Egypt  Tomb of Rehkmire, vizier under Thutmose III: recorded the goods coming into Egypt and local produce delivered to the state  Rebuilt many temples by Senwosret I and Senwosret III  Karnak Temple (Thebes) Many cult centre for Amun-Re Siubsidiary temple to Ptah Festival hall (architecturally unparalleled): columns unlike any other Egyptian columns, replication of tent poles? “Botanical Garden” (near adjacent to festival hall): depicts many animals and plants he encountered in his expeditions, some from Egypt, but most are not (no labels or texts to accompany the depictions)  Mortuary complex at Deir el-Bahari: situated between Hatshepsut’s mortuary temple and Nebhepetre Mentuhotep’s mortuary temple  Another one at Gorna  Included a temple of Hathor  Depiction of day and night (common in the Valley of the Kings)  Solar court for the sun to shine in  Buried in KV34  Badly enmeshed  A sarcophagus, not much else found  Earliest royal mummy investigated by Egyptologists - Amenhotep II  Very athletic  Death of Thutmose III immediately followed by uprising of the Asiatics, which Amenhotep II was able to quell really quickly  Completed a lot of temples begun by his father  Bodies of princes from Syro-Palestine hung head down in temples as physical reminder to deter rebellious attempts (year 2)  Year 9: another campaign to Megiddo  Stele at Memphis and Karnak  Role of the king to subdue chaos augmentedking has to exhibit how many enemies were killedvery prominent in the Ramesside period  Control of Syro-Palestine, Babylon, and Hittites to control overland trade routes  If the rulers of the lands in between were rebellious, he would remove them and replace them with another local individual  No more military campaign after year 9 (reigned for 32 years)  Tomb at Valley of the Kings, KV 35, later used as a repository cache - Thutmose IV  Dream stele at Giza depict
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