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University of Toronto St. George
Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
M.A.Pouls- Wegner

January 17 , 2012 Foreign Relations with the Southlands (MK): - Southern boundary: 1 cataract st I. Beneath the 1 cataract is Lower Nubia (geographical area: “Wawet”) - Riverine settlement - Settlement concentrated on floodplain - Corridor to Upper Nubia (South) - Access to mineral resources (east & west) through Wadi el-Allaqi  Diorite & gneiss used extensively for statuary  Carnelian  highly priced for jewelries  Gold  used for carrying diplomatic relationship - C-Group culture: between Aswan and 2 ndcataract  Indigenous  Arises at the end of Dynasty 5  Cattle is very important in everyday life and religion  Egyptian objects found in tombs  Biographies of late Old Kingdom Egyptian officials refer to well-established communities - Nebhepetre Mentuhotep and Amenemhat I both tried to conquer Wawat, by Senwosret I, there is clear evidence of an Egyptian settlement  Middle Kingdom: Egyptian built and stationed at the fortress at Buhen  huge expenditure  Incorporated areas of housing, industrial areas, administrative areas, some even had temples  Perceived main threat from the land, not from the water  No prototypes from Egypt, where did they learn how to build this? Inspirations from Syro-Palestine? Learned during FIP?  Barracks for soldiers, bigger houses for officials  Trade with C-Group culturesgood relationship with the C-Group peoplewhat are the fortresses for if not against the C-Group people  Who were they protecting against? To guard against a potential invasion from Upper Nubia (Kerma)? To safeguard Egyptian access to material resources? To control the flow of tradescollection of taxes/duties? II. Second cataract: south of 2dcataract is Upper Nubia - Semna Gorge fortresses: build primarily in the reign of Senwosret III (Ex. Uronarti Fort)  Almost all face southheaviest defense on the south side  Execration texts: lists of enemies inscribed on pottery objects or figurines to ensure magical destruction of enemies by burying or smashing the pots or figurines  Mentions “Aamu” (Asiatics)  Semna dispatches (Senwosret III): a set of military letters and accounts sent from Semna to Thebes in Dynasty 13  Considered Semna Gorge as the Egyptian border/frontier, control flow of people (presumably with trade goods)controlled traffic flowing northwards  How rigorously Egyptians policed the Nubiansmaintained surveillance over the area  Medjiau: some are friendly some are hostile  Mixed group of nomadic pastoralists organized into groups  Semna dispatches revealed that the Egyptians kept an eye on them  Batn el Hagar (just South of 2dcataract)  Second Intermediate Period: C-Group culture shifted their alliance from Egypt to Kerma as Egypt erdracted control from Lower Nubia III.Third cataract: South of the 3cataract is Kerma, the capital of Nubia, Kingdom of Kush - Statue of Lady Sennuwy (known wife of an Egyptian elite of Middle Kingdom) found at Kermaprobably imported and brought to Kerma as art object - Multi-functional site, urban centre - Have an indigenous culture, no Egyptian occupation - Deffufa (mud brick structure): part of a temple complex - Ivory inlays from furniture: although there are some Egyptian features, there are many differences - Buried the deceased in beds, some have horses buried with them (buried standing up)very different mortuary traditions - Very large mortuary architecture for rulerscomplex socio-economic society - Thousands and thousands of cattle sacrificed, many human sacrifices found at burial sites Upper Egypt Egypt Lower Nubia • Early Kerma • Old Kingdom • Hiatus • Middle Kerma • First • C-Group Intermediate • Classic Kerma • C- Period, Group/Kerma Middle Kingdom
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