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Mark Kingwell

Philosophy Lecture: Nov, 15, 2012 (Boethius)  People still don’t get what they deserve (what the prisoner thinks)  People do get what they deserve in the long term (even into the after-life)  People who are not nice on earth, go to hell in the next life  Pleasure of heaven is enhanced knowing you aren’t in hell  The prisoner wonders what are the punishments/awards people receive after death - Lady Philosophy doesn’t feel this is relevant to the conversation - She says that there is another way to think of it: philosophy teaches us that you can’t trade off pains or gains  I.E. you can’t complain about a situation if you agreed to it and consented (moral harm is cancelled)  it okay if you hit someone and then offer assistance  Lady Philosophy says that if you look at the afterlife scenario it doesn’t work (It’s not a bargaining chip)  Lady Philosophy answers first question by saying that the prisoner is confused and everyone gets what they ought to deserve *Plato’s proposition (Taken from Gorgias)* - The Good are powerful and the wicked powerless (ARGUMENT) -> Everyone wants to be happy – happiness is a matter of having the Supreme Good. Everyone strives for the Supreme Good but only good people attain it.  Good people know being virtuous leads to Supreme Good. They aren’t attracted by Fortune Goods  Wicked people go after Fortune Goods so they can’t obtain Supreme Good  It’s an even playing field: Everyone wants happiness.  The Wicked lack the ability for Supreme Good  Wicked have a slurred perception of what is happiness Real Good vs. Apparent Good nd  2 Lady Philosophy ar
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