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Ethics Lecture November 21, 2011 Emotivism Absolutist vs. Relativist Ethics • Absolutist: holds that there is one correct ethical doctrine for everybody o Mill, egoists, Aristotle, Hobbes and Kant o The content will be different depending on the philosopher but the rule will be the same • Relativist: hold that there is not one correct ethical doctrine for everybody, but there are ethical facts o Subjectivists, cultural relativists o Although there are ethical facts, they do not hold for everybody Ayer and Stevenson o There are no ethical facts, even relative ethical facts o They say ethics isn’t about facts, but we are just spewing o Dismiss the chance of a normative doctrine Trouble of defining ‘good’ • “Good” as “approved of by certain people” [interest theory- one that says something is good if it is in my interest, or your interest, or god’s interest, or anybody’s interest] Stevenson’s Critique of ‘Interest Theories’ • Closest plausible definition of ‘good’ • He said Hobbes theory is an interest theory concerned with each individuals goodness- good for Hobbes is whatever is in my interest [refers to the interest of the certain individual] • Hume (popular interest)- interest for the majority of the people • Stev
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