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International Relations
Realism-->Goal is to simplify the complexity of the world itself. It is important to
understand war/nuclear war.
They manner in which the cold war ended was a surprising and unlikely scenario. 1950's
the United States began using statistics and math to create data to explain how the
soviet problem, this did not turn in many discoveries.
1997--> After the cold war NATO asked what now? They wanted to expand into eastern
Europe but this developed two different opinions.
1: By expanding power from the rest, Russia becomes more isolated, this is a problem for
Russia--->Realist view
2: Enlarging the family of democracy LVQ¶W about power, LW¶V about stabilizing democracy.
Russia should have everything to gain from this.
Realism--> They all look at the world with similar lenses. One is to look at ancient
Greek examples, modern history in Europe and the Italian states of the 19th and 20th
centuries. Realism is the experience of statism through the century.
It really started after the failure of the League of Nations after world war one. Could
world order rest on mere values?
After ww1 states were created in Europe and were given soveignty, ww1 destroyed Europe
and this was the reason for the League of Nations.
The problem is that you cannot have an organization whos goal is to ensure peace if this
group is powerless. It was a strategically conflict
--> They brought on disarmament treaties, this developed a problem between collective
security and disarment.
To keep peace you must have the capacity to wage war.
In the 1930's it was evident that there was no way to stop Germany because no one had the
power to do it-->the realists were right.
During the cold war the realist felt at home, it was all about power.
Statism--> They are the most important actors in world politics.
Survival--> First objective of any state is survival; anarchy is the world state
therefore security should be the main goal of the state.
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