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POL101 NOTES FROM OCTOBER 2, 2012 LECTURE: RISE OF WEST AN MARXISM (MODERNITY) There is a connection between the social and economic that led to the rise of Liberalism Constant is only one reaction to this rise Europe: Started at the North West triangle specifically in Great Britain th Why was England so powerful in the 19 centaury: They stole the power by conquering The changes spread slowly from there onwards Origin of modern economy: There was a twin evolution between the 16 and 19 centaury of agriculture and industry The new technology led to more surplus (what do we do with it) The agriculture revolution may have been hyperbole (an exaggeration) Industrial Revolution: Increase in stuff for the people which led to a change in the clothes styles and the amount of iron also increased by 10 fold. This led to a huge change in domestic consumption. Luxury thus came to be decencies and decencies became necssities in the people lives However the distribution of income was uneven leading to a middle class that rose from the labor class. The social result was that there was a capacity to produce surplus leading to a complex division of labor as people could now specialize. This led to the rise of a new social consciousness in which people could change (don’t accept authority). Poltical consequence: Led to the demise of the royal absolution and the rise of parliament. There was selection by election and ballots became secret and there were debates. Political parties rose. Universal rights without reference to class and need to accommodate new groups in politics. Karl Marx: try to explain what had happened? How do we analyze the society? Where does one look first? Look at rulers? Dominant ideas? What they eat or drink? Materialism: Feuerbach: a critique of German idealism (Hegel) (founder of philosophy) The real history is the critique of the most important ideas  religion Materialism: What is God? Taking what is good inside a person and putting it outside. A being that rules over us/above us and is alien like thing that we cannot understand. God did not create God because we created him But this wasn’t enough for Marx as it didn’t liberate.
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