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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

ththLecture 19March 7Failed StatesThe state in some works does not provide what we expect the mostsecurityOrigins and Functions of the Modern StateModern state is something between and empire and a citythe way the world is chopped upsome states may be city size and some may appear imperialstates in the current order are geographically largethe current system of the modern state does not come about till 1648end of the 30 year warits a gradual processwhat state building actually looks likeconsists of a long term historical process where rulers at the centre slowly expropriate the means of violence by local rulersthere were no statesdid not existslast 300400 years onlymany competing centres of violence on the same territorysometimes you had overlapping claims to controlling the means of violence and historically it took a long time to take away and own the violence that was controlled by local rulers tribal religious rulerscentralized state structureexamplefederal ministrypeople obeying ordersof people that they will never seeprojects fail thProcess of sovereignty building in Europeduring the 17 centuryState building as a protection racket organized crime versus organized crime state building projects are protection racketspeople are the centrethe fugitive capitalthe people of the centre city go to the rural areas to convince them to support them through weaponryan agreement to ensure security and safetycompeting projects of organized crimesthey are always in process state buildingwhy didnt Al Capone get arrestedhe established a state within a statethe police and everyone was in his pocketthrough money and contactswhoever wasnthe killedpeople above a local level and send them into the citythey had to recruit and give them offices guns and means of authorityonly got charged on income tax fraudtwo criminal projects against each other Hobbes from security dilemma of war of all against all to modern leviathanliving thin the 17 century England during a very violent civil warit was like Afghanistan today without a centralized governmentauthorityliving in fearhow can we get out of this Hobbesthe natural condition that we are inwar of all against alland in such a condition life is nasty brutish and shorthow can we escape Given all of our knowledge of the dangers of natureis to take our own individual sovereignty
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