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Pol dev and democracy Critiques of development Loss of culture that might be tied with substance farming Assumption that all countries will follow the western model ie from farming to industrial etc Goal oriented ie wealth is not a goal but rather lets look at the benefit of wealth and yes people have other values that are not wealth creation and thus people who critique this say that development language disorient the human principle and moral. Development does is redefined as not only GPN alone but also to the wellbeing of the people such as access to education, health and clean water etc US might be good at GNP but with low wellbeing while Denmark has low level of GPN but with high level of wellbeing such as good health facilities. Development also has added another angle to its definition. It is has added the political angle such as freedom. Thus changing the definition changes what counts ie who get what and what. Why some countries have developed than others and why not others. Development failures as a result of the people or something that has to do with the global system. Global system argues that development of some people have been developed due to exploitation. Ie the undeveloped some countries are the more happier other become. Democratic, esp when there is fair and free elections. And yes some freedom such as negative freedom such as political and civil rights and does the gov has not intervene. Democracy also has some equality It is true that in most countries the poor do not vote and also rich might influence politics by donating money to political campaigns. Thus this definition, they come up according to the political purpose that they serve. Democracy produce development . This is so because they will have freedom to develop thus open their potential. While others claim that when people are development, then people will demand their freedom While other claim that there is a need for a totalitarianism regime to bring development and while others says that there is no rink. 17 Sept 2013. The industrial revolution 1. The soviet command and their five year production ie look for more. 2. The market and an ex is feudal system and it was a hierarchy and was of social obligation. Look for more. And three things were important, eg 1. Labour was not a commodity Ie people were not paid for the job done, land and capital were also not commodity and does this crucial things had to break down in order to welcome market and this was so because of enclosure system. Look for more. Enclosure refers to the turning of the land into a private property ie from non-commodity to commodity and became common in 1801 in the act, look for more and also. And also look more on the Adam Smith and also how the market it natural though there is a several situation esp in Britain where the government has to intervene for the market to take place. 3. General Enclosure act in 1801 and look for more and also look for more on the the invention and the mechanization of Agriculture. Eg Crop rotation, seed drills and yes now we have people who understand all the mechanism and remember in the past, there was no crop rotation but rather lying the land law. Agricultural revolution laid the foundation for the industrial revolution. And the laour force now became the commodity ie they were paid. They was also food surplus for the first time due to this act and also u would have much population that was not involved in the food production. Historians though disagrees on the date though it is based on 1700 look more. Ie people started to sell their labour, transportation increased and also selling and buying the commodities and also they moved from the substance farming to commercial faming . The organisation of the industrial revolution esp the textile revolution, look for more/ They was no common standard of the production and also the changes in the textile industry such as spinning Jenny lead to high production and also the water frame invention and used to strength the water flame and in 1776 look for more. This then took more less time than human beings. The spirit of the invention was born and also the pattern system was born The factory system produced the working class. Look at the Derby silk mill Women and children and the cool production and why women were preferably in the coal production and how the coal increased. Improved of the gun powder is one of them and also the stem engine and find out how this was so important in the coal production. And how it simplified the iron and the quantity produced and how it led to the railways system. Transportation also played role. Transport raw materials to the centers of production Transport food production Transport Canals and also And also the coming of the newspapers. Capital. Capital is used to bankroll the industrial revolution. Investments and this from owning them. And also banking system become a factor in this industrial revolution. And loans become, something. Decline in death Incr
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