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Third Wave Democracy

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Sophia Moreau

pOL 201 semester 2 lecture 3 Jan 24 2011 Third Wave: april 1974 - portugese dictatorship overthrown - portugal had never been a democracy - just been through 12 century of fascist rule - Portugese armed forces was split into conservative moderate and marxist factions - triumph of demo was beginning of long wave of democratic expansion that continued for 3 decades - when 3rd wave began, only 40 democracies in the world - these 40 were in advanced countries- US CAnada, NZ, Japan, Europe, INDia - several carribbean democracies- more island states became independent and democratized - military dictatorships were in Asia, AFrica, Middle east, - soviet union was in communist rule Since 1974 - democracies expanded - in greece transition to demo began - Spanish transition in late 1970s- miltary rule began to unravel in LAtin America - military rule was more successful in CHile and thus it was delayed to democratize - by mid 1980s demo spread to Asia - forcing withdrawal of Korean military - marshall law was lifted in Taiwan - 1991 pakistan, , BAngladesh Nepal became democracies - by 1987 the third wave has spread to 25 states in the world has democracies - still left gaping holes in eastern europe, africa, and middle east - democracies is still a regional phenomenon - this changes dramatically in 1989 with fall of berlin wall and fall of soviet union in 1991 - HUGE MOMENT - by 1990, one year after collapse most states of E Europe held elections - collapse of communism brought changes to Africa. WHy? : what people thought about COld war and its threat was that the 2 superpowers - SU and US would lead to nuclear war. This never happened. THis does not mean the cold war was never fought- it was fought mostly in developed countries called proxy wars- - proxy wars were domestic conflicts- superpowers fought as to whether it would be democratic (US)or communist (SU) - the whole world was divided about which country would fall with which superpower - the cold war was fought out on the grounds
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