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Political Science
Ryan Hurl

Lecture 1: POL203Y1- 2 Semester. - Compromise is inherent in the American Political culture. Americans want to see practical pursuits, not ideological ones. - It is impossible to get anything done without compromise, which is necessary for meeting challenges of the debate. - Inaction is not a realistic option on a lot of issues. Compromise is built into the American Political system and it is rational. - E.g. the American Political System is like a car, which has 3 pedals, three steering wheels, 3 breaks, thus, if one member doesnt agree and pushes the break the car will stop moving. Furthermore, the car cannot move without support from all 3 parties. - Compromise in the same way is built into the system. It is built into the 3 branches of govt. (the executive, the legislature and the judiciary) that maintain a system of checks and balances. Furthermore, compromise is also inherent within each branch and within each party as well. - The reason the framers wanted a system like that was to mitigate passion from politics. They wanted to force the passionate to have to work with others, persuade others and compromise with others. - The Framers wanted ideology but as a guide and a red line, people must have principals. - If we are going to get reasonable action we have to also force them to compromise and cooperate with others and this was inherent in the design of the American Constitution. - The paradox here is that, even though comprom
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