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lecture notes for oct. 13, 2010

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Political Science
La Haine

Pol208: October 13, 2010 Lecture Feminism: different feminist critiques of IR IR has been one of the last fields to open up feminist theories. Within political science it is still one of the fields with the smallest representation for women Bombs and rocketsinternational security What happens when we add gender to the analysis? How should this be done? We need to ask if gender is important to IR, how best can it be achieved? In order to understand IR, we must include issues of gender What contribution does the international system have for the marginalization n of women? How does the marginalization of women affect the international system? Women are from Venus? o More peaceful? o Tokenism o Level of analysis o Where is the mean? o When we talk about women, are we talking about individuals or the fact that their women? o Is our level of analysis gendered? o When claims that one gender is more peaceful than the other, does not necessarily mean that all members of that gender will have the same distribution o Most of the population will b
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