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2nd Lecture

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Political Science
Victoria Wohl

POL214 Politics of Development - Industrial Revolution Email Head TA, Melissa Levin -> [email protected] Economic Society and Market Societies are new phenomenons Started with merchants selling goods in Europe from village to village 3 ways of organizing o Tradition THE EXACT SAME WAY IT WAS DONT HISTORICALLY Same was as their ancestors Goods are produced in a way that has always been done, very little change no room for innovation It changes in small increments from generation to generation o Command Central planning, bureaucratic people will chose where the market will go. o Markey Economy Tradition and Command have been the used historically for a majority of our past. The idea of economics (products and distribution) should be organised and not subordinate to politics. This is a change from the pre 19 century to 19 century Feudal system is both emblematic of goods being circulated, the feudal system needed to be overcome and undermined to the market. Social relations based on historical obligations, its static and rigid, the lords rule over the manner, the Lord owed protection to the serfs. The serfs were not allowed to leave the manner. Lords and Serfs were a social relation not of economic. There are three things that are important
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