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Colour coded complete lecture notes for human development--no need to look at the slides-info all here

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Michael Inzlicht

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March 14th 2011 The format of the exam The format will be very similar to the last one 8 multiple choice questions per chapter approximately 20-30 marks for short answer WHAT IS DEVELOPMENTALPSYCHOLOGY? Area of psych that really covers all areas Focus is on how humans develop and change over time Examples: cognitive development There is a general consensus that changes can occur across the life span of the person Cradle to grave developmental psychology--but really we are talking about before cradle-- moment of conception until the time we die Questions that have arisen in the field: Is change continuous or discontinuous--stages How concrete are stages? Perceptual development--senses develop and decay or become less optimum over time Assumes that change is inevitable Physical, emotional, motor development Attachments--how that occurs Moral development--wont be talking about it today, but its in the chapter--in adults you can DEFINITELY see a range in this area Personality development Assumes that change is inevitable-universal truth Those that survive and flourish are those that adapt Those who see change not as a trauma or something to be feared, but as an opportunity for growth Strong bias in develop psy towards stages idea CORE DEVELOPMENTALISSUES- Everything is NATUREAND NURTURE--this debate basically closed What kinds of things are MORE influenced by experience? Which by genetics? Ie: height, eye colour extremely genetic influence, but other factors could affect how tall you end up being Mutations in genes COULD occur through a force MORE ENVIRO driven developments could include: interpersonal trust--depends on a lot of things, personality factors that drive this not as important as early experiences, role models etc, primary caregivers Through twin studies we can see diff. Bwtn what is determined by nature vs. Nurture MATURATION--refers to biologically determined changes that follow an orderly sequence-- puberty--occurs diff. Times for diff. Ppl.--puberty is one example Importance of early experiences:--the notion of critical periods An important issue is to assess whether change is continuous or in qualitative stages
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