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PSY100 - Social Psych

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Michael Inzlicht

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Social Psychology: Psychology of Normal
Compare others to self, self being normal (others who are more ___ than, less ___ than
Naïve realism: tend to see reality through our own lens; general assumption (usually left implicit
and unexamined) that we see reality accurately and we are normal
Therefore use our understanding ourselves as basis to judge other; similar = nice, differ = weird
we are good, better than average.
oEg people prefer own belongings, letters of their name, believe they are better than average
for most things
o90% adults claim they are better than average drivers even if they have been hospitalized
for injuries from car accidents
oOut of 800000 people, not single one rated themselves as below average in social skills, 25%
said they were in the top 1%
self is whatever we identify with; whatever we conceptualize to be
oThing becomes significantly worth more once its ours (coffee cup/pen owned for 2min)
oHouse is home other houses just houses
oOur pain and suffering huge tragedy that others should care about and listen about
Fundamental attribution error
oSelf protective biases play role in how we explain behaviors
good at blaming our own undesirable behaviors on other factors but taking full
responsibility for when things turn out well
oBlame others for their failings, dont give them enough credit
oEg why were you so rude to ___ -> you were drunk, tired, worried, sick, dont know what
came over you VS they were rude to you b/c they are ___
oEg why did you have sex with your ex VS why did they have sex with their ex
Ingroup favoritism outgroup derogation
oExtend self-serving biases to whatever we identify with, like in-groups
oWe are better than THEy
Prefer us vs them; subtle and automatic
Eg minimal group paradigm (blue dot group and green dot group)
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