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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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Dan Dolderman

PSY100H Lecture 6: Emotion and Cognition June 7, 2011 Introduction You can be blind to something right in front of you if youre not looking for it When we talk to a person, were not talking to person really, more of an abstraction You do not perceive the person We do not perceive bottom up sensory By orienting yourself toward something you gain the ability to experience that thing richly Cost: inhibit other experiencesimposing on reality Taking a particular emotional frame conditions an emotional direction and inhibits various other ways of experiencing the world Emotion is what you are. Emotional processes are also cognitive and physiological processes as well Moments that have very substantial weight in our lives usually involve strong sense of emotion. Out of control of emotion Homoeconomicus Economic motivations are the basis of who we are. We make decisions as though economic reasoning is human nature Problems: Unhappy Unfulfilled Extrinsically motivated: locked into other peoples expectations Negative emotion Even if homoeconomicus wins and they succeed in life, it doesnt necessarily make them happy People are not rational utility calculators If so, problems like depression, anxiety, smoking, drinking, energy inefficiency, etc. would not exist Embodied Cognition What goes on in the brain is entirely interdependent to what goes on in the body as well Language
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