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Lecture 19

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University of Toronto St. George
Ashley W.Denton

ndLecture 19 November 22 2012 Morad Moazami Selfconcept Everything you know about yourselfSelfschema Cognitive aspect of these elfconcept consisting of an integrated set of memories beliefsSelfesteem The evaluative aspect of the selfconcept Do you feel good about yourself or bad about yourself This is about your attitude about yourselfSociometer theory is one theory of selfesteem that gets back to the idea of our need to belong so sociometer theory takes this and applies it to selfesteem Peoples sociometer for example tells them that their chance of getting rejected by a group is low Those people with low selfesteem are very worried and concerned that they will be rejected by the group so they are very socially anxious and worried that they may be rejectedWe use a host of mental strategies to maintain our positive selfviewsSelfserving biases is when e take credit for all of our successes but for our failures that isnt our fault but the situations fault or other peoples faultThere are positive illusions that we have The BetterThanAverage Effect where you act anybody about anything how good a friend driver writer etc are you most people will report to be better than average in every thing We all tend to have these overly optimistic views of our future selves too We tend to be overly optimistic about our own futures so all the things that we do to maintain our positive sense of sel is thisDoes Personality Change Over TimeTraits do tend to be remarkably stable over timeThey fluctuate most in childhoodStability is highest after age 50There is remarkable stability over time There tends to be this stability in personality traits over timeYou see the most stability in personality traits after the age 50As people age you tend to see these patterns that are true across people and across culturessomething biological that is going on that changes peoples personality as they change What happens on average is that people tend to becomeLess neurotic less extroverted and less open to new experiencesMore agreeable and conscientiousThe Biology of PersonalityNearly all personality traits have a genetic component You get a lot of personality traits from mom and dad We tend to be very similar to our siblings and parentsFor example a graph in our textbook looks at monozygotic twins and dizygotic twins What you see is that there is a stronger correlation between our twins when they are monozygotic when they share the same DNA structure applying that there are strong genetic traits among them For each Big Five trait the correlations for monozygotic twins were higher than for dizygotic twinsThere is this big study called the Minnesota Study of Twins That Lived Apart They found these twins that were separated at yong age and brought them together at adulthood and found how similar they were as twins The first separated twins they found they were both policemen they had named their sons the same thing had the same smoking habits etc Genes are huge components in determining our personalityTemperaments Parts of your personality that are edited even from birth They are broader than traits They are biologically based tendencies to feel and act in certain waysThere are three components of somebodys temperamentActivity level how hyperactive they areEmotionality how emotional are they Is it a baby that is easily startled or are they calmSociability how much they like being around other people
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