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Lecture 11

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John Bassili

Lecture 11 notes Piaget has had a strong impact on education: - Children are encouraged to discover for themselves through spontaneous interaction with objects in the environment - Development is not speeded. Instead teachers watch for the emergence of schemas and present them with challenges. - Teachers realize that though all children go through the same sequence of development, they do so at a different pace - De-emphasized communication-based routes to knowledge but this has been criticized Vygotsky’s Sociocultural Theory - Believed that complex mental activities such as attention, memory and problem solving, have their origin in social interaction - Zone of Proximal Development: a range of tasks that the child cannot yet handle alone, but can do with the help of more skilled partners - The main difference between a Piagetian and a Vygostskian classroom is that in the latter promotes assisted discovery - Scaffolding : Adjusting the support offered during teaching to fit the child’s current level of performance - Peer Collaboration: Teachers group together classmates of different abilities and encourage them to help each other. ADHD Principal symptoms: - Inattention - Hyperactivity - Impulsivity Causes: - Does not stem from the home environment or excessive sugar consumption - Does run in families so there is a genetic component - Imaging studies suggest under activity in certain areas of the brain. Also, heritability of ADHD is high Social Development: Attachment - Social development involves growt
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