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Lecture 7

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University of Toronto St. George
Michelle Hilscher

Lecture 7The Brain Causes EmotionsAs opposed to the bodyPeripheralist vs Centralist modelsHistorically these models have pitted against each otherPeripheralist thinks that the feedback you get from your physiological body causes psychological processes oPlato peripheralist reasoning part head responsible for thinkingoPeripheralist for emotionCentralist feedback from your central nervous system brain causes your capacity to think or feel emotionsoCentralist for cognitionThen Along Came GalenBodybrain responsible for distinct processes1Heart vital spirits2Brain marvelous net yields refined animal spiritsFor emotion a peripheralist or centralistDavid Hartley 17051757Pain pleasure and complex emotions result from vibrations in the brainAfter repeated pairings of ice creammath Emotional Conditioning is a result of fusionoCoactivation of brain regions that become physiologically fixed due to repeated exposure to two stimuliAccording to HartleyoPleasuremoderate vibrationoPainexcessive vibrationoPain is nothing more than pleasure carried beyond its due limitModern Explanation What parts of the brain producecontrol emotionsThis necessitates a highspeed overview of brain anatomy1Different brain regionsdifferent functionsHind Brain controls basic physiological processes Forebrain regulates more complex actions of body initiates and regulates cognitionsemotions
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