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Michael Inzlicht

Psych Lecture March 1--Emotion Perceptions, Prejudice, and Police Amadou Diallo- Different perspectives with the police Did the police have a stereotype with Amadou Did they stereotype his actions Triangle of cognition, emotion, and behavior Stereotype is cognition, Prejudice, and discrimination Stereotype Cognitive schema : an organized system of knowledge that guides info processing Fundamentally no different from any concept( an abstraction, comprised of interconnected beliefs, that organizes our perceptions E.g professor--stereotyped--academic, intellectual, confusing, textbooks, monotone, etc How do stereotypes-> perceptions Stereotypes color the meaning of behavior E.g Duncan 1978--students watched an ambiguously hostile interaction between a white and back student; one student shoves the other Whiteshover -> shove was less serious, more playful Black shover-> shove was more aggressive and hostile Stereotypes help fill in the blank of the men fighting on the subway Payne, 2001; WOuld having black Vs White on ones mind would make ambiguous objects is a gun or a tool? Subjects are shown Black or White faces, then an object, and have to decide Results: Black face is faster identified with a gun, and tool, than white, and people are more likely to see a tool as a gun, making an error, and more slowly and quickly People faster to see a gun as a gun Slower to see a gun as a tool and more error But would stereotypes lead us to shoot someone? A video shown: four squares with gun, no gun, and black and white When an black man is armed, decision is faster When a white guy is holding something else, decision is slower When a black is unarmed, the error rate is larger This is not a prejudice study, but a study of a person reacting in the moment, and stereotyping, based on growing up in this culture, would these effects be stronger than if racist or egalitarian? No Stereotypes have been absorbed, and they are there and change how one sees the world Can people overcome their biases and stereotype-driven perceptions and behaviors?
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