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fundamental insights

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Michael Inzlicht

Jan 11 Fundamental Insights of Psychology Fundamental Insight #1: Reality is a story, told to us by our brains. Our brains are artists, not mirrors that reflect reality Our experiences do not reflect reality itself, but rather a constructionr representation of reality (our story). Implications: 1) This construction process involves a lot of guesswork filling in the gaps 2) This subjective representation occurs within the brain. We only have access to a limited subset of Reality The limitations of our sensory-perceptual system are due to: the sensitivity of our sensory mechanisms (each individual has different sensitivities; we do not experience this world as a whole. E.g. dogs sense of smell is much better) our attentional capacity is limited (there is only so much we can process at a given moment). Based on what one gets from the world, he tries to figure out whats going on till he arrives to perception (based on guess, most of the time it works, sometimes it does not). Perception is a process of creative story-telling and inference making. We have to fill in a lot of gaps.
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