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Ivy Quach PSY210H1S th Lecture 5- Feb 13 2012 4 Framework Behaviourist Framework (Environment/ Learning Framework)-Locke Learning Condition Criticisms Rescorla 1988 Hollis (1997) and Rumbough (2007) What is the framework doing? How it’s merge with? Pavlovian Conditioning Idea that CR & UR should be similar is US (Unconditioned Stimulus)  UR (Unconditioned Response) WRONG + NS (Neutral Stimulus) CR ( Conditioned Response) The framework is Condition = Association WrONG How well animals can discriminate. The textbook is wrong in the pairing of CD & CR Example: Animal UR – Running away from fear CR- Other act is an intelligent act (Anticipation); Cognitive Process There are 2 parts to Anticipate: 1. Prepare 2. Predict Appetitive and Diverse or Aversive? Stimuli (Stimuli wanted by organism) (Avoid /Stimuli, ex. Sharp things) Signal Detection Theory The Idea behind this is REVELANCE! Ivy Quach PSY210H1S Gambles based on: • Context • Relevant Goals It is not a case of simple association: • Not a driven by frequency • How wrong behaviourist are • Complex, cognitive state Organisms, predict to anticipate danger? Kamin 1968 -BLOCKING (Ecologically Valid Testing) GAP ( Insert Experiment Here) Conditioning: Redundancy = Irrelevant, which means no conditioning . Frequency doesn’t drive relevance. Conditioning comes from significance/ relevance of information. Therefore Anticipation/ Preparating = Requires more cognitive process Temporal Arragnement of Stimuli US – NS ( delayed situation) GAP (Insert Diagram/ Experiment Here Later) Ivy Quach PSY210H1S Learning association (sim  delay trace) Learning = anticipation ( good thing because you are making sense of something; Trace > Delay) Attempt to anticipate Hollis -Use lack of contiguity in an intelligent manner Ex Chicken peck in surrounding environment instead of wating? If NS is of biological relevance and related to organisms. The organism will condition to it.n Ex. Rat, Music, Snake • Music, relevance relate • Anticipation , relevance of information matters Even with contiguity , NS will not condition unless there is relevance  ORGANISMS DONT PASSIVELY PREDICT, BUT ACTIVELY PREPARE Complex Processing works with relevance • Salience: relevant to organisms to influence processing. Organisms can restructure salience to find salience to alter their own learning Rumbaugh et al (2007) Selection; attention relevance realizing process is crucial for condition • Organisms probe the environment in order to afford improve anticipation • They trained rats to run a 3-D maze, but it turns out out that the rats take/ make shortcurts, spontaneously (by jumping the walls) Piaget By improving what they were trained they actually innovate response 1. Organisms operate with salience 2. Ability to make salient (alter what is salient for themselves) Mercado (2008) Ivy Quach PSY210H1S Learning to learn (Harlow, 1949) Thorndyke (worked on intelligence before Piaget), question if there is way study intelligence scientifically GAP (Drawing and experiment here) Run the experiment longer ( to see what happens) GAP (Drawing and experiment here) Monkey learning to learn • Monkies based learning on past learning ability • Clear what conditioning severed from Lockian framework. NO LONGER TABULA RASA • VERY COMPLEX PROCESS OF INFORMATION PROCESS • Learning to learn to drive conditioning • Textbook doesn’t pay attention to animal psychology & learning (Done framework) REASEARCH METHODOLOGIES Types of experiments: Descriptive, corelational, and experimental There is no 10
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