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Hywel Morgan

PSY240 Lecture 1 Notes • Introduction o DSM-IV-TR is what North America currently uses; ICD-10 or rest of the world o Comorbidity – multiple pathologies at once o Explaining what we will be studying • What is Abnormal? o Psychopathology usually is easy to recognize but difficult to define o Major iagnostic systems use statistical criteria to determine hwat is abnormal o Defining abnormal (contemporary criteria)  Statistical Demonstrations • Must deviate from norm o Normal distribution = bell shaped curve o Identify frequency of the behaviors • Deviation from IQ norm o Anything below 70 gives you diagnosis of a psychopathology of mental retardation; above 130 gives you gifted o Should being gifted not also be considered abnormal? (outside the norm)  Examples of this question include many unfavorable common behaviors such as substance abuse  Cultural Norms • Across cultures, schizophrenia (psychosis via loss of touch with reality) is recognized as abnormal. o Main symptoms  Delusions – thinking something that is not true  Hallucinations – false sensory experiences in any of 5 sensory domains (potentially the th 6 domain of vestibular-balance) o Extremely difficult to diagnose children as schizophrenic • Defining abnormal via cultural norms even has its pitfalls though, just like anything else  Developmental Norms • At certain ages, people are expected to developed to a certain level • 2 years – child has 30-50 words o if child has not learned to communicate by 3 years: abnormal o faster is better with development; but slower does not necessarily indicate retardation; some children deve
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