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Lecture on Memory Errors and Everyday Memory

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Gillian Rowe

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Lecture 2 Autobiographical memory and the brain Ps asked to take photos also theres pictures taken by someone else Few days later, Ps saw both sets again and recalled event while measuring brain activation Both types of photos activated brain areas associated with episodic memory, but for photos taken by self, hippocampus was especially activated Memory over life span Basic ideas: ppl remember better for events that happened between ages 10-30 Life-narrative hypothesis: people assume identities were formed during adolescence and young adulthood (thinktalk about those times a lot) Cognitive hypothesis: encoding is better during periods of rapid changes followed by stability (ie: for those who emigrated to the US after 20s have their reminiscence bump shifted to 30-40s when they moved to new country) Cultural life-script hypothesis: events easier to recall if their life story and culturally shared expectations match (ie: marry at late 20s, have children after that) Flashbulb memories (Davidson et al, 2006) Ps were asked to recall 911 and ordinary events around that time Memories for 911 lacked details and became
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