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Early Caliphate, Sectarian Divisions, Islamic law, Cultural Spheres

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Andre Maintenay

Early Caliphate, Sectarian Divisions, Islamic law, Cultural Spheres Reading: Ch. 4 The Islamic Tradition, pp. 217-257 nd November 22 , 2010. Umayyad Dynasty rules from Syria for 90 years During this period, witness rapid expansion of Islam under the Ummayans Ummayan Caliphs extend boundaries of Muslim state across North Africa to Spain, France, and the West, and Eastern side up to river Indus (present day Pakistan) Replaced by Abbasid Dynasty in year 750 Under Abbasid Dynasty, capital of Islam moves to Baghdad or present day Iraq And under Abbasid, witness development of strategies for integrating various Muslim communities Under Abbasids witness evolution of integrating these communities See the flowering of legal schools, various theological schools Flowering of art, architecture, Muslim philosophy Expansion of trade, military strategy In this period, scholars made strides in intellectual and creative endeavours, e.g. mathematics, geography, astronomy, study of other languages all occupations achieved certain degree of ascendancy under Abbasids See close study and scrutiny of Quran Extrapolating from Quran, messages of daily life
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