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Rituals and Practice, the Modern Period

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Andre Maintenay

Rituals and Practice, the Modern Period Reading: Ch. 2 The Jewish Tradition, pp. 101-128 th October 11 , 2010. Disposal of members of Jewish community into rest of the world, outside homeland Babylonian civilization was agricultural, where Jews developed other skillsoccupations than in Judah Beginning of synagogue, reflecting on stories, praying See language Armec replacing Hebrew, where Hebrew used more for rituals Messianism - Yearning for messiah figure to deliver community from prevails outside of homeland Apocalypticism anticipating end of the world as being something close by, triggered of how the community experience being displaced from homeland Years 528 return to Jewish community However many of Jewish community have no set roots in Babylon origin of Jewish Narratives need to be collected and committed to writing because at this moment Jews see how vulnerable community is and how easily heritage can be lost Canonization establishment of official scripture in which many members contribute their recollectionsunderstanding of history and eventually community will sort through and consider officialmarginal nd They build temple and certain kind o
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