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Lecture 10

SOC220 Lecture 10

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SOC220 Lecture 10 11/28/2012 Mediating Inequality Film: The Mondragon Experience/Experiment - Most important industrial centers in Spain - Typically working in Mondragon works as a press worker o Owes a proportion of the share of the company o Individuals are able to elect each other as directors that shape working policies - July 1936, a civil war broke out - Jose sought to find equality through private property o Knowledge is essential for everyone, ability to govern one selves - Profit was divided equally along workers and employees, a successful cooperative firm Concluding Remarks - Levels of investment in the firm o Social democratic welfare states - Lack of status difference - Iron Law of Oligarchy o The inequality factors Michelle said was actually incorporated in the Mondragon - Education Public Private Partnership (P3s) - Government funds private business to provide public services - Profits are essentially guaranteed using government funds o Shifting jobs from the unionized sector to non unionized sector o Changes in accountability, maintenance requirements, building standards, no perfect replication of services provided - Potential problems
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