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Live in Care Program

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Eric Fung

Lecture 9 (11/11/11) Live in care program - Exploitation (to make unfair of use of something for one's own advantage) - when employer starts to assume that the worker is a commodity -something they own -if they change their job description (ask them to do stuff they aren't supposed to) -contract is for the employer to sign and that protects the worker -restricts hours they are allowed to work -and job description -violation of contract is protestable - living with employer - risk = extention of hours. -living conditions for workers is also violations (employer must provide proper sleeping quarters , but there isn't a proper place.. employee must agree to conditions outlined in the contract -mediary companies, the employee must pay these companies for making the connection -most of the time employers must pay for the domestic workers flight - these companies sometimes takes money from both employer and employee which isnt suposed to be and is exploitation -agencies also do... -they promise a domestic worker a job however, when the person gets there, they actually dont have a job, or work for other employers , or are taken to a house of nanies and become a nanie crew -immigration consultants also charge for informatin that is readily available on the web - or overly charge them for things 2010 -major changes to fix the difficulities -employer now must : pay the manditory employer paid bennifits (unemployment insurence, Canadian pension plan, OHIP (not manditory)) -pay for transportation for domestic workers to come to canada -must pay for medical insurence for the 3 months that they do not
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