SOC101Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Simone De Beauvoir, Social Inequality, Parenting

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Published on 21 Nov 2012
SOC220 Lecture 7 11/7/2012
Position Paper
6 different reasons why social inequality is harmful
Choose one to agree or disagree with
Title page is not required
Gender Inequality
We must consider the difference between sex and gender
- Sex: biological criteria (what’s in between one’s legs)
- Gender: the social construction of difference as it relates to biology
o Configurations of behavior and activities
- Simone de Beauvoir: “One is not born, but rather becomes, a women”
o The construction of gender through different factors
o A women’s situation in life is not the result of her personal character, but her
characters is the result of her situation
o Women are not born feminine; femininity is a product of a lifetime of
conditioning and socialization
o Gender applies to men as well, in a similar way a women isn’t born feminine,
men also learn their power
o This notation that women is the condition through construction as “the
o Women is constantly defined in opposition of men; anti-women
o Key attributes come with women imminence, passive, static, inferior
o Men, transcendence, active, creative, powerful, outwardly orientated
o Any person should have a combination of transcendence and imminence, but
men deny transcendence to women
Symbolized negatively if women display acts of transcendence
o Only in the sphere of work, can women exercise autonomy
o Productive and reproductive of labor, women have to be able to leave the
home to be involved in productive labor
- The Royal Commission on the Status of Women (1967)
o P.M. Lester B Pearson
o Ensure equal opportunities and treatment of women in Canadian society
- Findings
o Women are still subordinated and made to depend on men in society
o Women are not people ‘in her own right’
o Married women face additional challenges to acquiring credit
Based on the assumption of dependency
o Women held less than 1% of positions in corporate boardrooms
o In 5 provinces, a woman’s consent is not sufficient for under age marriage
o Women were highly under-represented in politics
- 167 recommendations
o Allow women the right to choose to be sterilized without penalty
o Allow women the right to equal pay as men
o Allow women the right to equal opportunity for hiring
o Allow women n to use their ‘maiden’ name on legal documents
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