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Tutorial 1 QuestionHOI Introduction1What is inequalityInequality describes the state of being unequal or uneven In social terms inequality is also about receiving more or less of lifes rewards and is therefore about hierarchical differences between any two people2What are the different types of resource allocation and what would their different implications for social policyThe different types of resource allocation are the unequal distribution of scarce goods like power money health care and so on 3Why is Inequality accepted Cover just world hypothesis read on in same section to see the effects on people of accepting inequalitySome measure of inequality is normal natural and inevitable Peoples beleifs about class race gender sexuality and various other topics all shape the social organization of inequality Many people also accept evident inequalities because they believe they have a good chance of moving up the social ladder Some of us accept the inequality of condition a wide difference between rich and poor for example because we believe that equality of opportunity exists 4What are the different types of justice and which has research shown to be most importantrelevant to peopleEquity or fair exchange mandates the equivalence of outputs to inputs for all of the parties involvedEx Someone who works very hard should get a pay raise By this reasoning if everyone works hard then everyone should get a pay raise and if no one works hard well everyone continues to get paid the same amount of money or gets firedDistributive justice A fair allocation of resources rights and obligations
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