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March Notes

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University of Toronto St. George

March Notes March 1 2011 Victimology is the sociological study of victims of crimeCharacteristics associated with an increased risk of violent victimization in 2009 includedself identifying as homosexual having some for of activity limitation or physical handicap identifying as an Aboriginal personHot SpotsAre places where there is a higher increase in crimeDisadvantaged people dont tend to get the same police protection as people in high up placesMax Weberfirst to study the role of cities in social lifeThe Chicago approach to sociology focusing on locational patterning In the typical city different activities are concentrated in different areas by income and lifestyle choicesPopulation densitya characteristic feature of citiescan be a problemBut it can also be a benefit since it increases institutional completeness and social resourcesTransitional loop theory Social disorganization theoryCertain parts of a city have less social controlthose placeshigh rates of crime and suicideMarch 8 2011 Regions Nations and EmpiresColonialism is about economic relationsEven when they become independent they may be dependent on their coloniesNationalism especially the kind based in blood is a type of parochialismSome writers suggest that nationalism is itself a modern religion a civil religionGellner says nationalism is the style of politics best suited to modern industrial societiesThese societies unlike earlier agrarian ones need a common language and culture to work efficientlyIn this sense nationalism fills a value vacuum in modern societies Colonialismis the established by more developed countries of formal political authority over other countries
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