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Lorne Tepperman

Lorne Tepperman Tuesday, October 2, 2012 Sociology lecture 4 Racial and Ethnic Inequalities  Test number 1 is two weeks from today info on blackboard. Why race and ethnicity?  Immigration is historic and on going. People leave they’re homes to escape war, politics, genocide, ect.  Wars all around the world are often ethnic based. Genocide has taken place many places against many different races.  Ethnic/racial issues remain a problem today Reminder: Habits of inequalities theory  Collectively imagined on basis of a supposedly important natural difference  Many problems discussed today begin with this.  Societies vary in degree and kinds of inequalities they show over time and area  SNPNS- look for this in suggested readings  Today narratives of blames will be called mythologies  Mythologies attach moral meanings to these differences Continuing struggle  Under conditions of inequalities their will always be a struggle Differentiation and orientalism  Which diff become inequalities and why?  How and why differentiations arise historically  Good place to start is with: Edward Said’s book Orientalism  This book deals with the westerners and middle easterners. How westerners perceive the orient.  He says westerners see middle east as weird, sensual, different, through fantasy imagery, harems  “the orient is strange” Said says oriental is sweeping generalization and a stereotype  Oriental man is feminine weak and strangely dangerous because of threat they pose to western women  Oriental women are eager to be dominated and exotic  IMAGINE A HAREM  When mythology is created telling that other people are fundamentally different you can change politics negatively (dehumanize)  Subjection of subordinates is accompanied by this Tropes- images the writer intends to make in your mind Sexual fantasies  Play part in racism  The fear of whit men thinking white women finding black men attractive is not acceptable Racialization  The social process of identifying and stressing racial or ethnic differences  This pulls on a differing feature and says it is important Class position vs. economic inequalities  Distinctions b/w races and ethnic groups may reflect class diff  People can be streamed into occupation due to racial groups  Must make clear distinction between class and race Race and ethnicity is NOT the same  Race is set of people with physical or genetic characteristics  Ethnicity is people who share common characteristics that distinguish them from other groups in society  “ you can be black and polish” your race and ethnicity are not the same  ethnicity is a social construct Survival of ethnic group  some ethnic groups can disappear (dutch Canadians?)  imagined communities- people who group together to keep culture alive in
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