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Lecture 4

SOC102 Lecture 4 Class Notes

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Lorne Tepperman

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Lecture 4 - Race/Ethnic Inequality  People who are perceived as significantly different from another are often victimized; tallying up massacres and violence that correspond with racial and ethnic issues (ie. Armenian massacres)   Racial differentiation is not simplistic; it is a cause of extreme violence through conflicts, inequalities, and such over racial or ethnic differences  Yugoslavia: People next to each other and neighbours for hundreds of years went to war against each other (Serbs vs. Muslims, etc.) It did not make sense for peace to suddenly be shattered by murder  Habits of Inequality Theory will give understanding of inequalities with racial and ethnic inequalities Institutional Completeness: strategy used for self protection; ethnic groups are better at protecting themselves with institutional completeness than any other kind of inequality groups  Social inequalities are collectively imagined  Mythology attaches moral meanings to these inequalities and how these better/worse differences explain why there are advantages for specific groups over another   Oppression is the taking advantage of victim groups due to narratives of blame  There is always a pushback, creating narratives of validation which are stories of themselves which call attention to shortcomings of oppressors and such so that they can defend themselves  Actions and mobilization are then taken place through unionization or legal actions or institutional completeness, etc. as a resistance against oppressors  You can see gradual changes in society due to inequalities Differentiation and Orientalism  Edward Said (Sa-eed): Born in Egypt, wrote a book Orientalism.  Remembered his palestinian background and inequalities that arose due to Israeli government and Arabs (in the literature, perception of the West)  He tried to see what the West views the Arabs, Muslims, etc. in which would influence their behaviour   The Westerners: Think Middle East is a tricky place, full of "the Other" that is completely different, the Harem is the dominant image of how Westerners see the Middle East; Women being kept enslaved for entertainment   The images of naked people is not a coincidence; there is a very sexual, sensual imagery of the Middle East  Oriental is a sweeping generalization; there is much sexual fantasizing  There was a terrible concern that Chinese men were going to enslave White women as sexual prostitutes with opium   Power in the East being expressed distinctively through the oriental harem.   Then we have basis for important political decision making: "don't care". When there is a dehumanization of the "enemy" as a complete fundamental difference in moral, cultural, and societal factors.   Trope is an image that is given as an underlying message, intended to create energy!  Racialization: creates attention to the fact these differences are so important to the behaviour of people to these inequalities are holy imagined.   The importance of racialization is that calling attention, focusing, and performing what you imagine to be an important part of it (performing as in acting out your beliefs)   Ethno-racial differences may reflect economic inequalities; overlap between racial and ethnic background, and social class. 
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